The sun has come back out. I knew it would. All morning long I’ve been sittting on the deck at my father in law’s house, alternately shivering and working. I love the brisk spring air, but it is a bit difficult to type as my fingers try to make some warmth. So it is very nice to see the sun emerge from behind the clouds once more. Sure, it took until 1pm to happen, but at least it has happened. And now what to do? Well, I suppose I will relish it’s memory, because once more, the clouds have returned!

By Bow Tie Guy

The Bow Tie Guy hosts the Mess it Up podcast each week on #TuneInTuesday. He lives in the Mojave Desert with his wife. When he isn't at Starbucks or volunteering with Prison Fellowship, he can usually be found watching the LA Kings or Arsenal Football Club.